Shedding a Positive Light On These Negative Markets

Hey everyone,Let’s talk. This past week has been a roller coaster ride. The market broke under its 200-day moving average as it dug new lower lows. A number of us experienced great losses, some of us for the first time. Personally I’m going to have my biggest single-losing trade on Friday (~$15k from a 94/196 SPY Put Spread sold last...
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My September Actuals

September ended and it’s Halloween season now. Here are my actuals: September Actuals Income: $3200 – Work Expenses: $213.92 – Parent’s Utilities $418.69 – Car Lease $18 – Ting Phone $89 – Eating Out $124 – Misc
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Buying a House – The Pregame

Are you thinking about buying a house soon? Buying a house is a huge step in life for most people and it’s not something you can afford to do incorrectly. Once you buy a house, you’re stuck with it for a lengthy period of time, even if you’re just flipping. My parents have owned their house for a good 34...
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Hedge Funds vs Mutual Funds

Many people have their assets invested into mutual funds. In fact I’d say the majority 95%+ of the population of investors, invest in mutual funds. When my friends ask me how I invest, I tell them about all my different strategies utilizing both long term securities and short term derivatives. I’ve gotten the question about “what are these hedge funds...
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Trade For A Living: How Much Money Do You Need?

I’ve been writing a lot about those who trade for a living. Today I’d like to take a step to outline financially how one would identify whether or not he or she is ready to trade for a living. Specifically one will need to be ready and have a large amount of capital set aside in worst-case emergencies. Life happens...
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7 Trading Advantages Over Working a Job

Hello folks. Today I want to continue to further the discussion regarding trading for a living. I’d like to list 7 ideas that present advantages trading for a living provides over working a standard 9 to 5 job. Trading in itself is its own world and for many people out there, a choice for a career path. People may do...
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Penny Stocks: Watch Out!

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. A few buddies of mine and I are currently competing in a Virtual Stock Exchange game on Marketwatch. It seems many of us have caught on the concept of dumping a large sum of money into a Penny Stock and watching the returns. Afterall, buying a penny stock...
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