Happy Tax Day! Lots of free food from vendors…

Happy Tax Day! Hope all of you got your taxes in on time and finished up any 2013 retirement contributions.

Here’s something to ease your mind: your chances of being audited this year is the lowest it’s been since 1980! – Source: http://rt.com/usa/tax-irs-audit-chance-lowest-424/

As you’re traveling around today, be sure to pick up some freebies from various vendors:

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Market Analysis and April 2014 Play

Trade: April SPX 1760/1770 Bull Put
Profit to Risk: $0.50 to $10.00
Spread Size: 50
Trading Days: 11
Expiration: April 18, 2014

The S&P has been dropping pretty hard the past couple days. It’s finally reached a triple support level and I believe this is a vital area. The 1800 is a strong psychological resistance and there’s not much in the news aside from the Ukraine conflict that can cause the market to drop even further. Unemployment remains at 6.7% and the PMI index is stronger than expected this month. The market may be choppy for a bit but it should recover in the next week.

We’ll open up a bull put spread way below the SPX. This trade should last 11 trading days. Our Play We’ll be opening up a bull put spread on the major index SPX, selling the 1770.0 Put and buying the 1760.0 Put for a credit of $0.50.

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Passive Income on your Android – Mobile Performance Meter

passive income

Hey guys! I recently discovered this app for the Android that runs in the background of your phone. What it does is collects network data based on your usage and location to sell back to phone companies. This lets the companies know how well reception is and how strong their antennae are at certain locations.

As long as this is running in your background, you can accumulate 20 points per day or 150 points per survey they send you. You then trade in these points for gift cards from many vendors, points to cash passive income. I personally get Amazon Gift Cards

  • 500 Points for $5
  • 1000 Points for $10

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