Retirement: Expense Ratios 101

One of the most important things investors forget to consider when choosing retirement funds is the expense ratio. More often than not, people will look at the historical returns on a fund, analyze their risk and years to retirement, then pick the fund that looks most promising. The power of compound interest also works both ways. Mutual Funds and Expense...
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Shedding a Positive Light On These Negative Markets

positive light
Hey everyone,Let’s talk. This past week has been a roller coaster ride. The market broke under its 200-day moving average as it dug new lower lows. A number of us experienced great losses, some of us for the first time. Personally I’m going to have my biggest single-losing trade on Friday (~$15k from a 94/196 SPY Put Spread sold last...
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My September Actuals

September ended and it’s Halloween season now. Here are my actuals: September Actuals Income: $3200 – Work Expenses: $213.92 – Parent’s Utilities $418.69 – Car Lease $18 – Ting Phone $89 – Eating Out $124 – Misc
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Buying a House – The Pregame

Are you thinking about buying a house soon? Buying a house is a huge step in life for most people and it’s not something you can afford to do incorrectly. Once you buy a house, you’re stuck with it for a lengthy period of time, even if you’re just flipping. My parents have owned their house for a good 34...
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Hedge Funds vs Mutual Funds

Many people have their assets invested into mutual funds. In fact I’d say the majority 95%+ of the population of investors, invest in mutual funds. When my friends ask me how I invest, I tell them about all my different strategies utilizing both long term securities and short term derivatives. I’ve gotten the question about “what are these hedge funds...
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Trade For A Living: How Much Money Do You Need?

I’ve been writing a lot about those who trade for a living. Today I’d like to take a step to outline financially how one would identify whether or not he or she is ready to trade for a living. Specifically one will need to be ready and have a large amount of capital set aside in worst-case emergencies. Life happens...
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7 Trading Advantages Over Working a Job

Hello folks. Today I want to continue to further the discussion regarding trading for a living. I’d like to list 7 ideas that present advantages trading for a living provides over working a standard 9 to 5 job. Trading in itself is its own world and for many people out there, a choice for a career path. People may do...
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